How does your pricing work?

For all original artwork I charge anywhere from $.75 to $2 per square inch, depending largely upon how much work is required. Simpler impressionist paintings like “Cycling Gonzales” or “The Flower Shop” require less time and are thus cheaper than more detailed works like “From the Mean Streets of Fernwood” or “Winter on Hollywood Crescent.” So a 24x30 inch impressionist painting is only $500, while a detailed work at the same size is about $1400.

Do your prices ever change?

My last price increase was in July 2018, and I intend to raise the price of my art in July 2020. Expect an increase to about $1 per square inch for impressionist works, and $2.50 per square inch for my detailed pieces.

Are Taxes and Shipping included in your pricing?

Yes, taxes are included in the cost of your print or original painting, but shipping will be added at checkout once you submit your address. If you happen to live in the Greater Victoria area I can arrange for free drop off or pick ups.

How are Shipping Costs Calculated?

Can I pay using e-Transfer?

Shipping rates are calculated using current Canada Post domestic and international small business rates.

Yes, if you live in Canada you can use e-transfer. To make a purchase please contact me directly through the Contact Page so we can work out the details.

What are Giclee Prints?

Giclee prints use a high-quality inkjet printer on archival-quality paper to make fantastic copies of my artwork. This gives my art - and your collection - a very polished and quality feel and will ensure it will last for years if properly cared for. Just remember to keep your print out of direct sunlight because even behind a glass frame direct sunlight can cause the inks to ‘sweat’ and deteriorate the quality of your print.

The Print I want isn’t available, can you make me one?

Maybe. Some of my earlier works are no longer available as I never had proper photos taken of them, while others like The New Blue don’t work as reproductions due to my use of metallic paint in the original. However, send me a message through the contacts page and I’ll let you know, as sometimes I’ve just run out of stock or haven’t yet properly photographed the work.

Do you offer commissions?

Yes, I’ve done several commissioned pieces in the past and will continue for the foreseeable future. To get started consider what you want painted - at least have a general theme in mind - how large a piece you’d like, and how much you’d like to spend. Commissions are charged at $2 per square inch rate, the same as my detailed artwork. Then send me a message through the contact page or using and we can start the process.

What if I don’t like the commission you painted?

It depends. If the commissioned work isn’t too personalized and I reckon I can resell the work then I will. No charge and no problem, art must be loved! For more personalized pieces including portraits, pets, etc, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the final price is required before starting. This deposit is non-refundable, as it will pay for supplies and for my time, but at least you can walk away from the balance owing.

Who owns the Copyright of your work?

For every painting, commission, or print sold I always retain the copyright of the image, so if I want to create more prints in the future or a cute set of coffee mugs using this image I always reserve the right to do so.