For all original artwork I currently charge roughly $2 per square inch, rounded to the nearest whole number. So a 24x36 painting equals 864 square inches, and at $2 per square inch this comes to $1728, then rounded down to $1700.

How does your pricing work?

What are Giclee Prints?

Giclee prints use a high-quality inkjet printer on archival-quality paper to make fantastic copies of my artwork. This gives my art - and your collection - a very polished and quality feel and will ensure it will last for years if properly cared for. Just remember to keep your print out of direct sunlight because even behind a glass frame direct sunlight can cause the inks to ‘sweat’ and deteriorate the quality of your print.

Yes, I’ve done several commissioned pieces in the past and will continue for the foreseeable future. To get started consider what you want painted - or at least have a general theme in mind - how large a piece you’d like, and how much you’d like to spend. Commissions are charged at the same $2 per square inch rate as my original artwork. Then send me a message through the contact page or using and we can start the process.

Do you offer commissions?