Into the Abyss, 36x48 inches

Into the Abyss, 36x48 inches


Original artwork, acrylic on shallow-edged canvas, sides painted white.

This autobiographical piece explores my sudden and rapid entry into the world of art. Starting with a brush, paint, and some Youtube videos I was quickly swept up into a new and imaginative world powered by my love of the surreal, the abstract, and the colourful. Subtle themes in this painting also pay tribute to my two great artistic influences - the natural and urban beauty of Australia and Canada - and show how my two worlds both collide and find harmony following my move back to Canada in 2017.

Further, this work continues my exploration of the interplay between urban and natural spaces and how we as humans find our place in them. The ideal caricatures of the humpback whale and orca are limited by the presence of humanity all around them, and despite the beauty and apparent freedom of these marine creatures there is nonetheless a foreboding feeling that humans are slowly conquering their world as their personal plaything.

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