From the Mean Streets of Fernwood, 30x40 inches

From the Mean Streets of Fernwood, 30x40 inches


Original artwork, acrylic on deep-edged canvas.

From the Mean Streets of Fernwood is another satire of the good life in Victoria’s historic neighbourhood of Fernwood and shows its transition from a turn-of-the-century neighbourhood to a modern oasis in the heart of downtown Victoria.

Many common images of Fernwood are displayed here, in particular the well maintained Queen Anne style heritage houses, with all their architectural extravagances, and their juxtaposition to the sparse modern designs of the downtown highrises in the background. Likewise, the inclusion of a murder of crows serves as a reminder that it’s not just Fernwood’s architectural heritage that has been preserved, but also its close-knit relationship to the nature in which its situated. At the end of the day, it’s the quality of life shown by Fernwood’s human and natural wonders, and not the money of the big city in the background, that keeps Victorians proud of their home.

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