This is the fun stuff.

Yes I offer commissions and yes I enjoy doing them, but they take a lot of work so we’d better go over the details together.


The Process

  1. To get started consider what you want painted, or at least have a general theme in mind, and be prepared for me to ask why. I need to know what really inspires your commission in order to make it great.

  2. Consider how large a painting or sketch you’d like, and how much you’d like to spend. Commissions are currently charged at $2 per square inch, regardless of medium. For example, a smaller 16x20 inch painting that would look great in a sunroom or entryway costs $640. For something larger, like a 24x36 inch painting that will hang beautifully over your couch, the cost is about $1700.

  3. With an idea and budget in mind, send me a message through the contact page or to Send along any pictures you have as well that might help.

  4. If your commission is time-sensitive please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Sketches take a week or two, but paintings typically need at least two weeks to a month depending on the project you have in mind, and that’s if I’m free to start right away. Acrylics, clear coats, fixatives, and varnish need time to dry properly or your new masterpiece may not last long!


The Fine Print

  1. For every painting, commission, or print sold I always retain the copyright of the image, so if I want to create prints in the future using this image I reserve the right to do so.

  2. Shipping costs extra if you live outside the Greater Victoria/Lower Island area. Standard Canada Post rates apply but we’ll work this out in advance so there’s no surprises.

  3. Personalized paintings such as portraits, pets, etc, are charged a non-refundable 25% deposit before I start. This deposit will pay for supplies and help clothe and feed me until another commission comes along. For more generalized themes I only take payment once I’ve finished and you’re happy with the final product, as these will be easier to re-sell than personalized works.


Examples of Past Commissions

Oak Bay Unleashed


3 Little Birds


The Cat Came Back

Vancouver Island Tattoo

Apollo and Baxter